Jazz Number Pricing Policy 04-09-2020 updated

With more than 52 million consumers,

Jazz Number Pricing Policy 04-09-2020 updated

Pakistan’s Tez Tareen Aur Behtareen 3G + 4G network is growing stronger than ever. This also means a greater demand for custom/unique numbers. In an effort to meet these demands, we bring you an opportunity to purchase your favorite numbers from our nationwide Jazz retailers, Jazz Points or Jazz Experience Centers.

The following list highlights the rates for different number categories. These numbers can be purchased from any Jazz Retailer, Jazz Point or Jazz Experience Center. Just visit any of these touch points and get your favorite number through Choose Your Number functionality.
Send an SMS to 7089 to locate your nearest Jazz Experience Center or Jazz Point.

Category Wise Prices

Number Type Example Customer Price
5 12 14 030000-51214 100,000
Platinum – 0300 00 0300 00-xyyyy or 0300 00-xxxxy 50,000
PENTA 030x-yyzzzzz or 030x-yzzzzzy or 030x-yyyyyzz
or 030x-yyyyyzx
Platinum – 0300 0 0300 0-xxyyyy or 0300 0-xyzzzz 20,000
Sequential 1234, 12345, 123456 or 1234567
03098765432 or 7654321
Platinum 03000-xxxyyy or 03000-xabcde 1,000
Platinum 030x-xxxyyyy 4,000
GOLD-Premium 030x-xabcyyy or 030x-xxxyzzz 2,500
03000-xxyzzz or 03000-xyabcd 1,000
0300-zyxxyyy or 0300-yyyyxxx
030x-xxxxyyy or 030x-xxxyzzz
030000-xyxxx 1,000
03000-xxxxyy or zxxxxz 1,000
Starting 030x-xxxxyzx 1,000
GOLDEN 030x-zyxxyyy or zyxyxxx or 786xyyy 1,000
Silver 030x-yzzyyxx, 030y-xyyyyzxy
030y-xyzxyza, 030x-xabcabc
030x-zyxxxzz or 030x-yyyzyxz 1,000
0300-xyyyyxx or 030x-xxyyyyx 1,000
0300-xxxxyzx 1,000
Special-786 030x-zxyx786, 030z-x786zxy, 030x-zyxz786
030y-xyyy786, 030x-y786786, 786×786, 786786x
0300-Normal any other combination 1,000
03000-Normal any other combination 1,000
Jazz-Normal any other combination 1,000

Extra Special Numbers

Following are the extra special numbers which can only be purchased through auction. The base price for each of these is mentioned below.
The entire auction process will be announced on jazz.com.pk at a later stage.
Number Type Example Customer Price PKR Remarks
OCTA 030x-xxxxxxx 1,500,000 Base price: 1.5M
5 12 14 72 030x-5121472 1,000,000 Base price: 1M
HEPTA 030y-xxxxxxx 1,000,000 Base price: 1M
HEXA xxxxxxy or xyyyyyy 100,000 Base price: 0.1M


  • All prices are inclusive of taxes
  • Extra special numbers can only be purchased through auction with the base price mentioned in above table
  • Apart from Extra Special Numbers, all others will be provided on a first come, first serve basis
  • As per PTA instructions, numbers can only be purchased through biometric verification
  • Number can only be sold upon availability in the available number pool
  • All special & extra special numbers can’t be ported out
  • Numbers can be recycled and made available for sale to new customers if not used in last 270 days as per PTA policy
  • Our Jazz representative will help you select your favorite number using any of the following options:
  • Jazz number prices
    • Dialing Code e.g. 0300, 0301 Etc.
    • Number Category e.g. Normal, Special-786 Etc.
    • First 3 digits
    • First 4 digits
    • Middle 3 digits
    • Middle 4 digits
    • Last 3 digits
    • Last 4 digits
    • All 7 digits

      Number Pricing Policy

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