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What is Golden Number?

Golden Mobile numbers are used like normal numbers but they have uniqueness.

Example: as in Pakistan Mobile numbers companies are Jazz , Warid , Ufone , Zong and Telenor

they have codes from 0300 to 0349

as normal numbers are 0300-2589654

Golden numbers have different categories:

1.pair numbers: mobile numbers have two same digits are called pair numbers

(032×6688996 , 030×5588660 , 032xx883322 , 032×9898989 , 032×9898989 )

2.two digit numbers: number that contain only two numbers in his seven digits called two digit numbers

(032×9898989 , 032×9898989 , 0xxx 555333 , 03×32323232 , 03×1221221)

3.786 numbers: numbers that contains 786 are called 786 numbers.

(032×9639786 , 032×7861214 , 030×9595786 , 030×9678614 , 034×7878678)

4.sequence numbers: Numbers that are in sequence will called sequence numbers.

(032×1234567 , 032×3456789 , 030×1234567 , 032×1234566 )

5.triple numbers: numbers that have three numbers consecutively will called triple

(03×11112255, 03×14442525 , 03×05558594 , 03×3-2228589 )

6.tetra numbers: numbers that have four numbers consecutively will called tetra)

(03×11111255 , 03×14444359 , 03×14444201 , 030×9590000)

7.penta numbers: numbers that have five numbers consecutively will called penta number)

(03×11111155 , 032×4444459 , 032×4444401 , 03×09500000)

8.hexa numbers: numbers that have six numbers consecutively will called hexa)

(03×11111155 , 03×14444449 , 032lx14444441 , 03×09000000)

9.hepta numbers: numbers that have seven numbers consecutively will called hepta)

(032×5555555 , 033×9999999 , 03×14444444 , 03×09999999, 03×11111115)

10.octa numbers: numbers that have eight numbers consecutively will called octa)

(03×55555555 , 03×99999999 , 03×44444444 , 03×99999999, 03×11111111)

11.ennea numbers: numbers that have nine numbers consecutively will called ennea)

( 0x111111111 , 0x444444444 , 0x000000000, 0x222222222)

12.deca numbers: numbers that have ten numbers consecutively will called deca its just one number in pakistan)

( 0x333333333)

13.triple tetra: numbers that have triple and tetra category will called triple tetra or tetra triple)

( 03×19995555 , 034×9990000 , 030×5555333, 032×9995555)

14.triple tiple: numbers that have triple category two times will called tripl triple)

( 03×19995559 , 03×09990001 , 03×05550333, 03×29995550)

15.tetra penta: numbers that have penta and tetra category will called tetra penta)

( 03×00055555 , 03×11100000 , 03×44433333, 03×22255555)

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